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Electronic cigarettes and their striking features

The electronic cigarette is an electronic device that has been designed with an aim of providing a health option to the smokers. Apparently it is also used in reducing and indeed abandoning smoking altogether. It is a battery-controlled device and discharges vaporized non nicotine solutions. My favorite is the v2 e cig – a popular electronic cigarette option.

They are alternatives for smokers of tobacco who wish to prevent inhaling smoke. The tobacco smoke constitutes more than four thousands different chemicals which are dangerous to human health.

There have been a lot of progress in electronic cigarette since they begun in 2007 and several different types are out in the market. Every new brand comes out with assurances of fetching out that excellent inhaling knowledge for you.  For the relatively new nicotine vapor inhalers, it is advisable to know several different gadgets in there before deciding on which one will honestly give the smokeless experience you desire. Many of the recent models are self-regulating; as the inhaler sucks the cigarette, the sensor develops a heating substance which vaporizes the liquid solution placed into the mouthpiece. It allows the user to decide whether to include nicotine to the seasoned liquid solution or not. The older versions have a small button that switches the burning element off and on.

Although they are made different, all electronic cigarettes available in market have rechargeable batteries to function the device, heating coil for warming the juice with the nicotine and an atomizer used to get out the mist. Currently there are 3 types of electronic cigarette; disposable, regular and modified.

The e-cigs have a tobacco taste but no harmful elements found in the regular cigarettes granting smokers appetite to be contented without inhaling those many hazardous toxins. The renewable nicotine container, a battery and an atomizer permits the user to smoke and hold the e-cig just like they would to other normal cigarettes.  Nicotine chamber is very helpful as you can get different strengths of cartridges which allow the smoker to continue reducing the nicotine amount they take until quitting completely. The nicotine cartridge normally takes same time with fifteen to twenty cigarettes. This creates an immense savings as compared with regular cigarettes.  Medium, standard, low or completely no nicotine are the kinds of cartridge strengths in the market.

Below are advantages of electronic cigarettes

  • Switching to e-cigs literally makes breathing easier. The dangerous toxins found in the normal cigarettes are very destructive to the lungs. The hydrogen cyanide stops the lungs from cleansing themselves out correctly.  The toxins cause swelling up of the lungs and this limits the airflow thus making the smoker easily get short of breath. E-cigarettes contain no toxins or hydrogen cyanide, so by inhaling them, the lungs can moderately start repairing themselves.
  • As it is well known that inhalers taste buds are destroyed, changing to electronic cigarettes means enjoying food all over again. The flavor of an enticing meal surely out does that of a cigarette smoke!
  • Another health advantage is that the constant cough experienced by a smoker will disappear completely. This cough is as a result of damages of the throat caused by toxins in the cigarettes. It vanishes as soon as you change to electronic cigarettes.
  • Smoking tobacco made cigarettes; you pose a meaningful health hazard to people around you. But with electronic cigarettes, one can enjoy smoking without worrying about any damage that can occur to anybody whom you could be sharing the room with as they have no dangerous toxins.
  • E-cigarettes will give you a better blood circulation in the body as they don’t have Carbon monoxide that is the greatest damaging element in cigarettes.
  • Smoking is one of the leading causes of death; this makes smokers get more costly life insurances. By switching to electronic smoking, there will be a significant decrease in the cost of life insurance.
  • E-cigs are much cheaper compared to the regular cigarettes. When the cigarette packet runs out, you must replace with another one but that one of a cartridge will take much longer so at the end you save money.
  • E-cigs have no smell; so your clothes won’t smell and you will have a fresh breath and free from odor.
  • Accidental burns cannot occur by inhaling e-cigarettes

None smokers will also benefit since their concerns about being passive smokers are completely ruled out by electronic cigarette. In reflection, the e-cig is a cheaper, environmental friendly and a healthier option to smoking which has the potential to replace the dangerous cigarettes that have come to be known.